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Lightweight kayak for sale
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Dagger Tybee for sale.

Price: $900

Length: 14’ 10”

Width: 23”

Material: Kevlar with thin outer layer of fiberglass to facilitate repair.

Weight: 42 lbs

Cockpit: 31.5” x 16.5” (inside measurement)

Height: 13.5”

Maximum Load: 265 lbs

Color: burnt orange (not the Texas version - made in East Tennessee )

Kajak Sport hatch covers.

Enough rocker to be maneuverable without rudder.

New SmartTrack adjustable footbraces with gas-pedal style rudder control.

Rudder is easy to remove via 3 split-rings (e.g., for surf class).

New bungee and reflective deck lines.

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