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Kayak Flotation Bag - Tapered
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This is a flotation bag or dry storage bag to fit in either end of a kayak without a bulkhead. It can provide flotation in case of capsize and/or dry storage for gear. It's a good quality Seal Line Kodiak Sac 35 Liters. Deflated it measures 44' x 20" x 8". More importantly, inflated it measures about 40" x 14" x 6". Fully inflated with air, it provides about 75 pounds of flotation. Inflation is by mouth, somewhat inconvenient but you'll probably only do it once and leave it in the boat.

Good condition, Linda used it in her old boat both as flotation and as gear storage.

$25 + $5 if I mail it to you.

Carl Kuhnen

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