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The Club Leadership Team is a group of dedicated volunteers that handles the necessary, behind-the scenes administrative stuff that keeps the club running.  The Leadership Team consists of seven Board Members and one Coordinator.  The Leadership Team is all about planning and execution. 


Board members and two Coordinators work with trip leaders to make sure that the calendar has plenty of fun events for members to attend.  We also plan club meetings, parties and training sessions.  We interact with the American Canoe Association on behalf of the club, oversee safety for the club, manage the website, and approve funds as needed to make it all happen.    


Contact us if you have a question or comment for the Board.


Board Members

Chris Arceneaux became the HASK Commodore in 2020. Chris found his way to paddling early in life growing up in South Louisiana. There was always a canoe or pirogue hanging around that begged to get wet on the countless waterways near his home town. We've conducted several HASK trips to Morgan City, LA.  He served a number of years as the club's Fleet Captain. Chris works to inspire non paddlers to consider getting on the water whether its a friendly flatwater day trip or multi-day coastal trips.  Chris has few rules - let's be inclusive, have fun, get lost just a little and respect the water.

Bob Scaldino is the Club’s Vice Commodore. The Vice Commodore works closely with the Commodore on the website and with the Club’s Meeting Coordinator to schedule interesting talks at bimonthly meetings.  Bob is also a HASK level 3 trip leader.  Bob enjoys kayaking because he gets to see and experience places that most people will never get the chance to see.  He loves to paddle in remote areas and in the surf.  Bob enjoys leading trips into remote areas (i.e. Boundary Waters Canoe Area, Quetico Provincial Park, Buffalo National River).  He says "You can't match the solitude and the fact that you will probably see more wildlife than people during your trip."  Bob regularly helps to teach both formal and informal HASK training courses.
Robin Hartman is the Club’s Fleet Captain. Chris works with our Trip Leaders to assure that lots of interesting paddle trips are posted on the calendar and ensures that trips are planned and conducted safely. Robin likes to camp, cycle and sail. He and his wife began paddling canoes several years ago and then entered several long distance canoe races. About a year and a half ago they began kayaking and have not looked back. Robin enjoys longer paddles and races and prefers point A to point B paddles. He started on flat water and rivers and has progressed to bumpy water and bays. Robin has paddled the entire Texas coast from Louisiana to Mexico. It is half paddling and half logistics. Robin is certified as a HASK level 2 trip leader.

Phil Salvador is the Club’s Safety Director and Training Coordinator.  Phil Salvador did some canoeing and kayaking in the early 1980's, followed by about 30 years of other pursuits. I returned to paddling in Feb 2017, when I decided that sea kayaking looked like fun. I am currently building up my skills in paddling, instruction, trip leading and kayak camping. I reside on the lower reaches of the learning curve on all these things, but enjoy the process of improving. ACA L2 more or less describes my paddling. I am available for paddling outings most days of the week. Give me a call!

Linda Davis is the Club Treasurer.  She accounts for funds and files the yearly tax paperwork necessary to maintain the Club’s social non-profit status.  








David Lehmann serves as the Club Secretary, committing club activities and memorable words of Board Members to the official HASK record.








Bill Ohsie is the club Membership Director.  As Membership Director, he welcomes new members and handles member questions and concerns.  He also collects and processes our annual waivers.



Bill is also the Webmaster and is a trip leader.